What You’re Like

“Man will be better when you show him what he is like.” – Chekhov. How to improve your leadership and your team’s.

picture of a line of tea lights

Spread This Instead

There is nothing about our current situation that we cannot handle. We only waste our energy if we worry, try to not […]

Light Up

At times like this, it’s good to remember: one of us shining a light helps hundreds, thousands, or millions to step away […]

Impostor Syndrome?

Generally, we’ve come to believe that there’s a right path, pattern, or process for success. Nope. There may be some helpful principles […]

Others’ Behavior

We spend way too much time and energy trying to get others to behave so that we feel better. Far better is […]


Destructive leadership rations energy. Productive leadership pumps energy into everyone freely. To share so much, we first have to find and tap […]