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  • Choose Wisely, Leader

    Choose Wisely, Leader

    Everywhere we look, there are tumultuous events on the surface and a calmer, wiser, stronger force sitting quietly behind the hoopla. We see it in people, companies, and entire populations.  As this article describes, no matter how horrible it looks on the surface, we gain hope and power by tapping the wiser, quieter parts. Choosing […]

  • Choosing to Relieve Your Company’s Growth Pains

    Choosing to Relieve Your Company’s Growth Pains

    Growth hurts. We don’t like the complexity. Our company used to be simpler but now has more people and more moving parts. We spend time on things–bureaucratic things!–that we never needed to spend time on before. Issues that used to be unnoticeable or at least manageable become painful. Everyone gives more but we’re getting burnt…

  • What You’re Like

    What You’re Like

    “Man will be better when you show him what he is like.” – Chekhov. How to improve your leadership and your team’s.

  • Spread This Instead

    Spread This Instead

    There is nothing about our current situation that we cannot handle. We only waste our energy if we worry, try to not worry, or try to control things. No amount of effort at this level is ever productive. We have everything inside us we need to thrive now and now and now and… Go inside,…

  • Light Up

    Light Up

    At times like this, it’s good to remember: one of us shining a light helps hundreds, thousands, or millions to step away from the dark. Should we find ourselves or others stuck and focusing on the problem, we know we can always shine the light on our ability to pause and choose to feel good…

  • Impostor Syndrome?

    Impostor Syndrome?

    Generally, we’ve come to believe that there’s a right path, pattern, or process for success. Nope. There may be some helpful principles but otherwise we all–from our most successful hero to our least successful schoolmate–are making it up as we go. This is wonderfully freeing, yes? From this perspective, you simply can not be an…

  • Generate Results in Meetings

    Generate Results in Meetings

    We might push, posture, protect, or prattle to get results in a meeting. Or we can let go, listen, learn, and lean in. Which aprroach is more likely to generate results that last beyond the end of the meeting? Right. In your corner, Mike P.S. And love. P.P.S. Which approach is more enjoyable, more likely…

  • Others’ Behavior

    Others’ Behavior

    We spend way too much time and energy trying to get others to behave so that we feel better. Far better is to find a way to feel good ourselves then watch as the world syncs up with that buzz. In your corner, Mike

  • Pump


    Destructive leadership rations energy. Productive leadership pumps energy into everyone freely. To share so much, we first have to find and tap for ourselves a virtually unlimited source. And where will find such a source? It’s right here and it’s called appreciation.   In your corner, Mike

  • Leadership Effectiveness in One Sentence

    Leadership Effectiveness in One Sentence

    Our effectiveness as leaders rests upon the faith we have in our ability to change reality for the better.   In your corner, Mike PS: Unless, of course, we like things exactly as they are.   Today’s photo credit: bburky Lorem Bokeh 1 via photopin (license)