Get Out of the Weeds

To grow the revenue, outcomes, impact, and relevance of our organizations, we as leaders must get out of the weeds. Wherever we […]

Be The One

While being the one with the answers can be useful, being the one who galvanizes everyone around an idea or direction– even […]

light in darkness

Change Everything

You may not be able to change a bad situation. But you can always bring more light into it. This is important […]


Old Ways

In many of our organizations, we still use the old ways of command & control, hierarchical divisions, and lionizing the executive. Yes, […]


Say What You Notice

No matter how we may deny it, we totally can sense another person’s emotions. And we usually do a poor job responding […]

keystone arch

Leader Win-Team Win

Q: Does the leader make the team or the team the leader? A: Yes. A successful group needs a great team and […]

Be a Powerful Leader

A forceful leader defends her vulnerabilities and discounts her people’s capabilities. All that remains available to her to get things done is […]