Leadership Teams that Work

Show me an organization that is suffering and I’ll show you an organization with a broken leadership team. Show me an organization that consistently thrives and we both will see a leadership team whose members

  1. have a high degree of respect and trust for each other,
  2. come to productive consensus (i.e. “I may not agree this is the best idea; I do understand it and will support it”),
  3. maintain a strong sense of personal accountability,
  4. call each other on lapses in commitments,
  5. steward the organization’s SweetSpot, and
  6. show the rest of the people in the organization how what they do contributes.

Leadership teams have huge impacts on the organization. This is not limited to the executive team; it applies to leadership teams at all levels.

The good news is that fixing leadership teams is simple. You start with a commitment to succeed.


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