Leadership is Hard. Let’s Go!
Leadership is Hard. Let’s Go!

Leadership is Hard. Let’s Go!

If you don’t like choosing between horrible and cataclysmic,  don’t become a CEO.

-Ben Horowitz

No, we leaders (not just CEO but at all levels, with or without a title) are not gluttons for punishment. We just know that leadership done well is not what many think or hope it is.

Perhaps the dollars, glory, prestige, or the chance to be in charge originally drew us to leadership. Or we may have been tapped to lead because we are smart, liked, experienced, or connected.

But good leadership is much bigger and requires more from us.

It really has little to do with the money or prestige. It is about building something bigger than ourselves and building ourselves to be up to that challenge. And we are not chosen to be leaders, really. Despite the challenge, we put up our hands. To be a good leader, we had to choose to answer the call.

Let’s go.


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