How to Pick What Next to Do

There are exactly three ways to select the next thing to do.

First, we can do whatever we always do. When faced with situation A, we do X.

Second, we can do whatever other people tell us to do. Or, often, what we think they (would) want us to do.

Third, we can do whatever we are inspired to do at the moment. When we have a fairly accurate list of all the things we could do–including the things that others have asked us for–we get to choose the most compelling thing we will do next.

Choice is the key.


In your corner,


PS: Did you choose door number three? Wonderful!

PPS: If we look at it right, option three helpfully includes options one and two.

PPPS: In the advanced version of this technique, we don’t bother with the list and it all still works out swimmingly.

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