In Our Own Minds

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Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds. Napoleon Hill Hmm. All in our minds, eh? We can certainly find plenty of evidence that says our problems are out there, not in here. We might be right but is it helpful? Try this. Ask, “What’s the worst that could happen if […]

Direct Your Thinking

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  Too often, we let ourselves to be pulled and pushed by the events and circumstances we see around us, especially if–whether small or big–they are not what we want. This mode of life feels awful, drains us, and perpetuates those events and circumstances. Here’s something much better: direct your attention so that your attitude, […]

Fall in Love with Your Vision

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So used to expecting things not to work out, we limit our vision of what think we or our businesses can achieve. Or, perhaps, we allow our vision to be swamped by “yeah buts” (thoughts of fear, uncertainty, doubt, worry, anger, regret, or guilt). Damn. What if, instead, we loved our vision? Imagine what would […]

Open the Door to More

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If we persist in thinking that there’s something fundamentally wrong with them, us, or the situation, then we will be locked into our current levels of success…or less. Our job, good leader, starts with the belief in a spark of good, intelligence, and possibility in everyone. We quietly and assuredly call these out of ourselves […]

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Would You?

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Thoughts create.  So if you could think one thought that would change everything, would you? Given the opportunity, most of us would not. Usually our thoughts, beliefs, and mental models are the result of habit, familiarity, or identity. We think old thoughts about the world and about ourselves because we’ve always thought them, because we prefer them […]

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Our Story of the Future

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More often, when we tell the story of our future, is it of the future we want or of what we don’t want? Is our future assured? Will we be okay? Is everything going to work out well? Is life, in general, safe? We each have the power to choose how the story turns out because […]


Pause Whenever Wherever

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Even when we are stressed, challenged, angry, lost, or overwhelmed, we each have the ability to pause–whenever and wherever–and flip to a thought that feels better that this. Despite what it may seem, higher-buzz states are always available (and desirable). We just have to remember to catch ourselves and flip. When we do, the productivity […]


All Change Demands Thought and Action Both

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Some of us are action junkies. Some of us are devotees of the Think System. Yet whenever we want to make a change, we must do both the inside work (thoughts) and the outside work (actions). Thought without action leads to spinning. Action without thought leads to frustrating results. So our thoughts about the future must be clear, […]

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To Change Someone’s Mind

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In order to change someone’s mind, start where their mind is now. Should we start with our position–by convincing, educating, lobbying, telling, fighting, begging, tricking, arguing, ordering, or whining–they will raise shields. We must, instead, ask good questions and listen. They must first agree that we have heard their thinking before they will let us change […]