There is Only One Reason Why


What do you most want right now?

And why do you want it?

And why is that?

And why is that?

(et cetera)


If we keep asking, “Why?,” we will eventually land on, “Because I want to feel happy.” Whatever we want, we want it so that we can feel happy. Beyond this, there seem to be no more answers to the question, “And why is that?”

Yet there is a shortcut: we can start feeling happy right now, before we get what we want.

Cool, ain’t it? Works a charm, every time.


In your corner,


PS: This does not at all mean that we should stop wanting what we want. Wanting is the great inspiration for life and, paradoxically, happiness.

PPS: If you tend to associate wanting with sadness, try the shortcut.

PPPS: When we use the shortcut, what we want has a freaky way of showing up faster than we imagined it was possible.

PPPPS: Makes me shudder with joy just thinking about it.


Today’s photo credit: e-magic via photopin cc

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