Definite, Compelling, and Grand

If we focus on something we don’t like (especially if we go on about what’s wrong with it and why we don’t like it) then try to fix it, we’ll struggle mightily because our focus has an odd way of preserving things. (Think about the war on drugs or trying to get teammates finally do that thing they never do. Rock. Hard place.)

Upon seeing something we don’t like, we can choose to focus on something definite and compelling that we want instead. If we then set about building that, we will have a grand time because our focus has an odd way of creating things. (Think about those famously successful neighborhood revitalizations or those companies with great cultures everyone wants to emulate. They all started with a choice.)

The only trick is making sure we aren’t focusing on what we don’t want while we set out to build what we do want. This would be very frustrating because, you guessed it, our focus has an odd way of getting us more of what we focus on.

May your 2017 be definite, compelling, and grand.


In your corner,



Today’s photo credit: Jeff Rivers canopy via photopin (license)

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