What To Do When New Habits Won’t Stick


Try as we might, sometimes new habits just won’t stick. When we struggle to adopt a new habit–eating well, not procrastinating, or reacting better around others, for example–we very likely are holding ourselves stuck with another, deeper habit. Replace the deeper habit to eliminate the struggle. Then adopt the first habit with ease.

The deeper habit can be tricky to identify. Here’s a big tip: it is always a belief about something being fundamentally wrong with you, others, or the rest of reality.


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PS: And usually what appears as something fundamentally wrong with others or reality is really something I believe is wrong in me.

PPS: Yeah, it’s profound. And simple.

PPPS: The good news is that no belief about you, me, or it being fundamentally broken, flawed, or wrong is true. Not a titch.

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