No Rules Say We Have To Start There

Most of us know the leverage of feeling good before getting into action. Feeling good makes everything flow so much better. But it is often difficult or impossible to feel good about a topic that is important to us. For example, most of us will find it hard to feel good about an upcoming encounter with a challenging colleague. Try as we might, it’s just too tough some days to find good-feeling thoughts about this. Luckily, we don’t have to.

There are no rules that say we must feel good about the topic-at-hand. Well, not immediately, at least. Intead of trying to feel good about our colleague and the upcoming conversation, we can achieve a great buzz level by starting with good-feeling thoughts about anything else. Puppies. Strawberries. The freshness of the air outside. Anything.

Once we reach a good-feeling place, we can return our attention to the topic-at-hand and much more easily find and benefit from good-feeling thoughts about it.


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Today’s photo credit: brianarn Universe Closed via photopin (license)

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