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  • Replace Worry

    Replace Worry

    What would happen if we replaced worry or concern with trust that it will all work out? Some might fear nothing would every get done. But that’s not true. In “trust that it’s working out” mode, we still think, analyze, plan, and act. We just stop thinking and doing the stuff that generates turbulence, resistance, […]

  • The One Thing We Forget About Getting Stuff Done

    The One Thing We Forget About Getting Stuff Done

    We spend much of our energy on getting everything done either by ourselves or through others. But there never seems to be enough time. So we stress and steam and push and plead to get everyone into action and producing. But we regularly leave out one thing that would simplify things and speed the results we…

  • Big


    The antidote to most any problem is trusting that we are bigger than the problem and that we can handle anything. And we so can.   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: Venu Gopal cc

  • Bigger


    To succeed more, trust that you are bigger than each challenge you face.   In your corner, Mike PS: And, guess what? You are.   Today’s photo credit: Tim Malabuyo cc

  • The Long Game

    The Long Game

    Driving a bargain, cutting a corner, or forcing a result are ways of playing the short game. We gain but it doesn’t last because someone else has lost. Having thus chipped (or hacked?) away at the foundation of relationships, we end up unable to realize the peace, power, and profit of true partnership. Let us…

  • How to Communicate Through A Very Narrow Pipe

    How to Communicate Through A Very Narrow Pipe

    Language is a very narrow pipe. Depending on the mindset of our listener, what we say can come across a little or a lot differently than we intend. We cannot rely solely on words to communicate clearly, completely. The most important thing we can do to improve the chances that we communicate well is to…

  • Better Business Decisions

    Better Business Decisions

    We will make much better business decisions when we slow down. We will then be able to take some time, go for win-win, ask a few trusted advisors, and use our logic plus our gut-smarts. We need not slow down too much.  But we do have to give up on the myth that our value…

  • Control Yields Crappy Results

    Control Yields Crappy Results

    To get things done consistently well with a team, the correct flow or equation is Trust → Honest Discussion → Real Commitment → True Accountability → Desired Results. If we don’t trust that they will do the work, we will try to get results by demanding, controlling, conniving, or micromanaging. Then the flow will always become Crappy Results ← Excuses…

  • The Fundamental Challenge for Teams

    The Fundamental Challenge for Teams

    The fundamental challenge for any team of two or more people is trust. When there is lack of trust, issues about who does what, who has the ideas, who sets the agenda, and who gets credit bloom into conflict, politics, and poor results. To build trust in a team, we start with ourselves. We choose to…

  • Underestimate the Power?

    Underestimate the Power?

    Never underestimate the power of trust, care, empathy, vulnerability, openness, forgiveness, love to change even the worst situations.   In your corner, Mike PS: Yes, it starts with you, leader.   Today’s photo credit: Phillip Capper cc