Replace Worry

What would happen if we replaced worry or concern with trust that it will all work out? Some might fear nothing would […]


The antidote to most any problem is trusting that we are bigger than the problem and that we can handle anything. And we […]


To succeed more, trust that you are bigger than each challenge you face.   In your corner, Mike PS: And, guess what? […]

The Long Game

Driving a bargain, cutting a corner, or forcing a result are ways of playing the short game. We gain but it doesn’t […]

Control Yields Crappy Results

To get things done consistently well with a team, the correct flow or equation is Trust → Honest Discussion → Real Commitment → True […]

Underestimate the Power?

Never underestimate the power of trust, care, empathy, vulnerability, openness, forgiveness, love to change even the worst situations.   In your corner, […]