Zooming Things Faster

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Wherever we see a lack of speed at work, we will find a lack of trust in self, in others, and between others. Instead of pushing to go faster, let’s slow down and build trust. We build trust by being trustworthy, by respecting and believing in them and us, and by holding each other accountable. We […]

Delegating Trust and Authority

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Delegation requires trust and authority. We must trust that we have adequately described the problem and the desired outcomes. We must trust that our delegates have understood us and are capable. We must trust that they have the needed resources. And we must trust ourselves that we will be able handle whatever happens–good or bad–and that we […]

lower shields

Thriving on the Care and Goodwill of Others

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Most people are genuinely good. They are kind and helpful. They want to succeed and want us to succeed. For many unimportant reasons, these people just don’t broadcast this goodness. We, then, are left to wonder and worry: how might they harm us? And we thus spend lots of energy to keep our shields up. […]


How Not to Avoid Tough Conversations

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Tough conversations are tough because they feel bad. Long before we might actually conduct a tough conversation, we anticipate the possibility of it going poorly. We see that such a conversation could be a threat to our goals, freedom, safety, or happiness. So we habitually avoid tough conversations just to keep away the threats and bad feelings. Of course, we sometimes need […]


Avoiding The Leadership, Sales, and Influence Hairball

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Leading, influencing, and selling involves getting others to give up something they value–usually money, attention, political currency, time, or effort. If we are not careful and caring in our approach, we end up trying to get them to agree or even to obey. Unfortunately, this approach creates a massive hairball of resistance, defensiveness, politics, struggle, waste, […]


It Probably Is Not a Failure to Execute

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What we blame on an organization’s inability to execute is often a problem with the management team. Show me an organization that continues to struggle, and I will show you a management team that is somehow unable to make the decisions that it alone must make. Perhaps it’s a lack of cohesion and trust. Maybe […]


We Can Cultivate Confidence

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Leading, influencing, selling, and success-in-general require that we are confident. We are confident when we trust our power. Our power is our ability to create through our thoughts. Unexpectedly, our power appears to be always there, always on. The trick is being very picky about which thoughts we focus our attention upon. Yes, even that […]


The Alternative to Control

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Where we don’t trust the future, the universe, or others, we try awfully hard to control or avoid (and avoid is really another form of control) all sorts of things out of plain old fear. This is a tremendous waste of time and effort and money. Stephen M.R. Covey quantifies this waste in his book, […]