The Dance of Distrust

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Where there is trouble in your organization, there is distrust. Where there is distrust, trouble is right around the corner. The dance of distrust–all we do to protect ourselves in an environment of distrust–saps resources, hampers results, and kills profit. I don’t care how long the distrust has existed. It doesn’t matter how deeply the […]



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Your certainty as a leader is a great asset. We need to maintain the focus on where we are going. Your certainty as a leader is a great impediment. We need your flexibility and trust so that we can take things off your plate.   In your corner, Mike   PS: Yup, it’s a yin-yang […]

To Relationship, Trust, Vulnerability and Back

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The quality (including the joy, usefulness, and potential) of any of your relationships depends directly on the level of trust between you. To increase the trust in any relationship–at work or at home–you have to be more vulnerable. To be more vulnerable, trust in yourself. Trust that you can handle the situation you find yourself […]

I See You

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People know how you feel about them. Even if you try to hide it. They can feel whether you respect and trust them or are going through the motions. And they will consistently respond to you according to how you judge them. If they sense disrespect or lack of trust, they will get defensive and […]

Emptying Your Email Inbox

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How full is your inbox? Email messages will collect (and multiply, it seems!) there if you think that moving or deleting emails means you will forget to follow up. Without a trusted way to handle incoming emails, you will constantly battle a bulging inbox. To keep your inbox clean,  get good at Deciding what each […]

Success is as Simple as This

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A major indicator of success anywhere is whether you really believe you will succeed. The problem is that most of us have the subtle habit (that is, you might not be completely aware of it) of thinking that it won’t work out. And oddly, that’s what happens: we don’t succeed. Some of us have the […]