Diagnosing Business Trouble with Four Simple Questions


We can diagnose whatever ails any organization by asking four questions.

  1. To what extent does everyone (in or close to the organization) know and understand the same complete and compelling story about why the organization exists and what its goals are?
  2. How committed are people (in or close to the organization) to the rule, “I win and you win or we choose not to play,” for all who matter?
  3. How completely does the organization and its leaders maintain a high buzz level?
  4. To what extent does work get done consistently well, on time, and by the right people?

We call these the What, We, Can, and Do or the Strategy, People, Attitude, and Action parts of success. Most of our organizations come up short with one or more of these questions. Once we’ve identified where the shortfalls exist, the prescription for success is simple: make the answers to all four of these questions be, “quite a lot, actually.”


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PS: Simple and perhaps not easy.


Today’s photo credit: Adrian Clark cc

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