Find Yourself

plug in

The sages all recommend that you find yourself and realize who you really are. They use different words to describe it and give different ways to get you there. I like to call it “being plugged in to the mains.”

When you are plugged in, life becomes happier–more exciting, problems become easier to solve, and miracles become natural. You expect and get good results. The opposite of “plugged in” is “running on batteries.” When you run on batteries, life drains you, you aren’t aware of who you really are and where you fit in the universe, and things are more of a struggle.

The sages also agree that you already have whatever you need to plug in or find yourself. So the real trick is not about searching for anything. It is about trusting yourself, trusting your place in the universe. and allowing it to happen.


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PS: Trusting and allowing feels good. If you feel bad, you are resisting; try a flip or a ladder.

PPS: Plugging in or finding who you really are is not about replacing who you are, but adding, deepening. In case you are worried, others will see you as an enhanced version of all they already know is good about you.


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