How to Change the Wearying Work World


Work can get wearisome. Every day, we face ineffective, short-term, and unkind things in our work lives. When we witness or partake in any approach, assumption, norm, belief, thought, or action that feels bad, we drain our batteries. These things have been going on for ages. It’s as if we have inherited a wearying work world.

Luckily, good feeling thoughts and actions count more and do more. One good-feeling thought or action will wipe away a hundred or a thousand bad-feeling ones. Good feeling thoughts and actions are much more effective, long-lasting, and self-reinforcing.

Try it. Catch yourself struggling with something wearying and flip it. Trust your heart and inspire others to do the same. With just a bit of focus, we can wipe away the wearying.


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Today’s photo credit: lazysupper via photopin cc

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