Your Broken Success Formula
Your Broken Success Formula

Your Broken Success Formula

Our default formula for success

I’ll be [choose one or more: happy, successful, healthy, wealthy, safe, strong, smart, calm] (enough) when _________ happens and/or when I do _________.

never works. Should we get or do what we think we need to, we will find that we are just as discontent.

The big problem is that this formula is hidden; we don’t usually notice that we’re using it. But we can learn.

You see, this formula feels bad. We will always feel bad when we tell ourselves that we are unhappy, unsuccessful, unwealthy, etc. Catching this, we can choose to tell ourselves a different story, to use a new formula.

The new formula acknowledges that we already have the core of what we want. Please build your own but here’s one that would work:

I love knowing that I have everything I need. I appreciate my ability to generate a sense of peace, success, and happiness at will. I look forward to what’s coming. Life is good. This is exciting. I feel better and better.

What would your organization look like if you and your team used a formula like this instead of the broken one.


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