Getting It Done

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“I have to know or figure it out. Others will judge. I have to make it happen.” Hmmm. “I don’t know how it is going to happen. I don’t need to know, really. Others will help. I am excited to see how it all works out.” We think the former will work but it actually […]

What Did You Expect?

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If we generally expect people to act poorly or well, they generally will.   In your corner, Mike PS: So where do you want to place your bets?   Today’s photo credit: rachel_titiriga Expectation via photopin (license)

Delegation Economics

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When choosing whether to do something ourselves or to give it to a keen but possibly inexpert team member, we’re almost always better off it we err towards them doing it. Once they learn, we are free to tackle the valuable things that we couldn’t get to because we were busy doing their stuff.   […]

Better Ask

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A leader once met a sage. The leader said, “It’s so hard to get people to do stuff at work. I’ve tried pushing, asking, being hard, and being soft. We’ve talked about vision, ¬†roles, and targets. I’ve corrected them and given them perks and incentives. Sometimes I’ll see small bumps in productivity but nothing gets […]

They Set the Date

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A great leadership adage goes, “If I tell you, I still own it. If you tell me, you own it.” If we as leaders say, “Get this done by Wednesday,” then they can feel very justified in thinking, “No way; can’t be done. Or it’ll be done poorly. You just don’t understand reality.” On the […]