The Four Lenses of Success

Success for you or your organization is simple. You need only look through four lenses described below to see where you have trouble and where you can focus. These lenses act as both a road map to success and a diagnostic.

Lens What’s needed for success Signs of trouble
What A clear, complete, common, and compelling goal. (Because success is always an outcome.) Fuzzy, incomplete, competing, or uncompelling, goals.
We Win-win relationships with all who matter. (Because you can never do it alone.) Tension, politics, lose-win, or win-lose with any who matter.
Can Higher-“buzz” thinking, beliefs, attitude that support you, your organization, your goals. (Because your thinking creates your world.) Lower “buzz” thinking, beliefs, attitude that detract.
Do An easy flow of action to get things done. (Because success is always an outcome.) Pushing, avoiding, lack of results, drained energy.


Every one of these daily notes/posts addresses something in one or more of the lenses. Notes about The Effectiveness Habits, for instance, are mostly about the “Do” lens.  Look for more to come from all four of the lenses.

Meanwhile, try using the above table as a diagnostic. For someone or some organization you know, apply theses lenses to their situation. Can you see where they are well focused (if at all) and where they may be having trouble (if at all)?

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