Getting Busy Never Works

getting busy

We easily get the results we want when we first put ourselves in a productive, good-feeling state.

Sadly, most of us never do that. We run headlong into our days. We try to feel good by getting busy. It’s as if we say, “When I get all these tasks done, then I’ll feel good. Until then, I will stress, strain, or struggle.”

That doesn’t work. Any effort made while feeling bad usually draws in poorer thinking, communication, and follow through.

Today, instead of running headlong into your day, take a few moments. Raise your buzz. Refresh your task lists. Then start working on whatever is most compelling to you.


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PS: Don’t feel bad if you have the “headlong into the day” habit. You’ve come by it honestly. Our (global) society has had this get-busy habit for millennia (best guess).


Today’s photo credit: Daniel Krieg cc

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