The Catch
The Catch

The Catch

Today’s note is about a basic tool called The Catch. It is a tool that most of us really need and don’t use. And if we did use it, it would change everything.

So why do we need this tool? Because we all have a strong habit of tolerating–even welcoming–bad feelings.

The Catch is about becoming aware that you are feeling bad despite the habit to tolerate that bad feeling. This awareness opens the door wide.

When you feel bad, you are thinking about something(s) you do not want.   When catch yourself when you feel bad, you open wide a door to thinking about what you want, feeling good, getting more done with ease, and being happier overall.

You can most easily Catch yourself by noticing the sometimes subtle and always unwanted physical feelings such as weightiness, tension, or numbness in your chest, back, head, neck, arms, legs, hips, etc.

Try it for a day. Or if a day is too much, try it for just an hour. See how many times can your catch yourself feeling bad and how many times can you catch yourself feeling good?


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