Attention and Intention

attention and intention

Our thoughts are creative and powerful. Every success you can think of, for example, begins with thoughts about what that success looks like and why we want it. Thus our most important assets are our attention (what) and our intention (why).

The troubles are often that our intention is mute and our attention is scattered. We fill shockingly large volumes of our days with thoughts about what we don’t want and about why things aren’t working/won’t work. These thoughts are so habitually ingrained that we aren’t aware of them. We know they are there nonetheless because they feel bad (e.g. stressful, annoying, worrisome, frustrating, fearful).

Luckily, we are talking about thoughts. Just thoughts. Within each of us are the ability, intelligence, and drive to think–again and again–a new thought feels better than the last one.


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