Happiness Ain’t…


Being happy does not mean looking at something that is not working and then putting on a wan smile. It is not about humbly accepting crap like a martyr or putting a bandaid over whatever has you upset, fearful, angry, sad, etc. It’s not about getting happy and holding onto it for dear life. And it certainly is not about waiting for some conditions to be true or making them true so that you can finally be happy.

It is about finding your way to feeling joy now. And it’s about coming back to feeling joy as quickly as possible when you fall off.

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PS: It’s about actually being happy. And we all have what it takes to be that happy.

PPS: If you feel bad, then you are not happy. Trust the feelings your body uses to signal you about what’s working and what’s more. Then flip or ladder your way to joy now.


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2 thoughts on “Happiness Ain’t…

  1. Mike
    I read a great book called “Happiness is a Serious Problem” by Dennis Prager. It was actually quite insightful. Prior to reading the book I would of said “of course I am happy”. One of the things that the book points out is that happiness does not equate to fun. Anyway, I made some changes that improved my happiness as a result of reading this book.

    1. Dennis and others like Dr. Andrew Weil point us to happiness as a sense of contentment. And have you noticed that “happiness” is a growing topic in books and discussions? One neat exercise would be to get people to agree on a definition of happiness.

      I like Dennis’ message that says, in effect, “Stop trying to create happiness by trying to change the world, situations, and people around you.” Happiness is an inside job, as they say. And I think when you come from inside, there is no limit to happiness. And you may want to choose “not happy” for a while just for the adventure of it.

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