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  • Gatekeeping


    Most gatekeepers–those who would keep us out–are powerless. In the short term they throw up obstacles. But in the long term they’ve got nothing. Secretly they know it, are simply afraid, and deep down want us in. The only real gatekeeper–the one who can actually keep us out of anything–is inside us. Secretly we know […]

  • 50 Coffees

    50 Coffees

    [Note: I have recommended this process for years. It has helped lots of people. If you don’t need it now, save this article for when you do. -ME] The best way to find a new job, learn something, launch a new business or project, or find employees or clients for an existing business is by…

  • How Not To Be Rude When Contacting New People

    How Not To Be Rude When Contacting New People

    In sales, business development, and networking, our first goal is to open a conversation. That conversation will flow naturally–perhaps in one sitting or many–from getting know each other to exploring each other’s situations, to seeing how we might help each other, and then, if it makes sense, to making some form of agreement. If this…

  • Take the Meeting

    Take the Meeting

    Networking done well is a highly effective way to change careers, get a job, get advice, and make sales. But what about when we are on the other side of the table? How do we benefit from giving the advice and making the connections? First, it’s flattering because people see the value our experience, knowledge,…

  • How to Avoid All The Awful When Networking

    How to Avoid All The Awful When Networking

    A networking event, symposium, or conference can be both wonderful and dreadful. Wonderful for the information, connections, and camaraderie. Dreadful for the small talk, the networking leeches, and the difficulty making a connection with the one person you had hoped to meet. Of course, such events are even worse if we are cautious, awkward, or introverted.…

  • The Best Way to Land a Job These Days

    The Best Way to Land a Job These Days

    Job boards, applications, resumes. Oh. My. Stories from the front lines tell us that the traditional way of finding a job is pretty well broken. The best way to land a job today is to a) become a “killer candidate” and b) grow our network until it includes our next employer. Growing our network is how we…

  • Networking? Ew!

    Networking? Ew!

    Many of us cringe when we hear the word, “networking.” We think of slimy people gathered to be slimy. We think of levels of (usually imagined) social rejection that rival a middle school dance. Or we imagine getting trapped in a fruitless exchange by some desperate soul. Despite the supposed benefits of networking, we strongly…

  • Networking Quid Pro Quo: What To Give In Return

    Networking Quid Pro Quo: What To Give In Return

    We’ve heard that good networking is a two-way street: we are supposed to give and get, not only one or the other. Makes sense; sounds fair. We usually know what we want to get from a networking conversation (e.g. connection, insight, guidance, or introductions). But what can we give? We don’t want to be unfair. We don’t want…

  • The Networking 20-60-20

    The Networking 20-60-20

    Many of us fear networking. We often think people will feel put upon or even angry if we ask them for help. And that may be true for perhaps 20% of the people out there. For various reasons, they just don’t want to be bothered. That means that about 80% of the people out there…

  • The Simpler Way To Land A Job

    The Simpler Way To Land A Job

    Landing a job can be a hard and unrewarding endeavor. We can waste time and drain our psyches by trolling job boards, sending out résumés, attending networking events, going on dead-end interviews, and hoping. Yet there is a simpler way to land a job. First, we become killer candidates. Second, we grow our network until it includes…