Getting Unstuck Is Simpler Than You Think


Whenever you are feeling stuck, at a loss, or uncertain, remember this: you have everything you need to get clarity, direction, and movement. With some practice and maybe some help, you can access the answers. You don’t have to go too far, the answers are right here, just at bit hidden.

In our day-to-day lives, our worries about the future, regrets about the past, and other distractions drown out the oddly quiet source of those answers. That source is neither alien nor mystical. It is who we are or, at least, a piece of who we are.

One quick and easy want to access this source is to use the This Is Me tool. Spend a few minutes noticing what you are thinking, feeling, and doing. For whatever you notice, say to yourself (or out loud), “This is me…” and fill in the thought, feeling, or action you notice. Do a whole series of them. “This is me worrying about getting groceries for Saturday night’s dinner party. This is me noticing the traffic is lighter than usual this morning. This is me feeling bad about something I just heard on the radio. This is me reaching for my coffee cup. This is me thinking that my colleague hasn’t responded to that email yet. This is me looking forward to the project launch meeting later today. This is me…”

After a while, you will probably notice a mild, welcome but unusual sensation. If you don’t, keep going until you do or try another time during the day. This sensation is what that quiet, wise aspect of you feels like. This quiet aspect is the you who is observing the day-to-day you do, think, and feel all those things you noticed.

Having connected with this aspect of you, try asking yourself any of these questions about your situation: “What thought would feel better than what I have been thinking about this situation? What do I really need, want, and desire? What will it feel like to have what I really want? What compelling, feels-good next step can I take?” Listen quietly and be willing to be surprised by the answer.


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