Make It Happen


We, as leaders (with or without title), want results. Yet we suffer when we try to make things happen. If we try to drive things, control things, or otherwise push to make things happen, we typically succeed only in generating resistance from the people involved. We see small wins that end up unsustainable, opportunities lost, and frustration growing.

Luckily for us, there’s another way to make it happen. First, we cultivate a clear, compelling, complete, and commonly understood picture of the desired result. Next, we foster within ourselves a quiet assurance of success, regardless of current evidence and paying no heed to how we might think it will happen. Then, we help the other people involved to win as we seek their support in creating our desired result. Last, we wait patiently and take only the actions and make only the decisions that seem to take and make themselves.

Yes, this approach flies in the face of what we have been led to believe is necessary to make things happen. It seems esoteric, not at all practical. We constantly wonder and worry why we aren’t “doing” anything.

Our only solace is that it works.


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Today’s photo credit: Alan R. Light via photopin cc

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