Wrong Net

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If life is a game, then most of us are racking up points…on the wrong net. Even the most enlightened of us fixate on getting more money, recognition, and safety. We believe that we should maximize these so that we can–at last–have more happiness, freedom, and growth. “When I have this many dollars/this position/this situation, […]

Lack of Progress?

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Lack of progress anywhere at work and in life feels bad not because there’s something broken but because we fear we can’t keep up or handle it. But we can.   In your corner, Mike PS: No, it’s not those other people’s actions or attitudes. It’s us, the leaders. PPS: If we pause for a […]

The Thing About Growth

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This is the thing about growth: our businesses cannot reach beyond our ability to run them. Any lack of business growth is a good sign that we need to grow. Luckily, we can measure and improve our leadership capacity. We need only a bit of self-trust to get going. Learn and go grow, good leader.   In […]

Wearing Too Many Hats

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In growing businesses, people have to wear many hats. This is doable when the company is new, smaller, and the volume of work is manageable. But wearing many hats soon becomes inefficient and ineffective. This is true because the volume of work in each hat approaches and even surpasses that of a full time role. […]

What Raising Our Hand Implies

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Of course, raising our hand to be a leader means we are also raising our hand to develop ourselves into leaders. And this means becoming the kind of person that (many) others will follow and continue to follow in good times and bad. Let’s go, leader!   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: […]

Nothing More Powerful

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Need someone to change for the better? Nothing is more powerful than believing that they can and telling them so.   In your corner, Mike PS: We can’t really fake this. They can tell when we’re just sayin’ it. But we don’t have to be 100% certain. Just mostly certain. I know you can find a way to […]

four stages

The Four Stages

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Every organization, division, or program goes through four stages, in order: Conceive: find something compelling in out clients’ lives that needs fixing and commit to fixing it. Launch: figure out how to fix it for a few clients; keep trying it, learning, improving, and trying it again. Flow: find more clients who need the solution […]