Tell Yourself a Different Lie

Effectiveness Habit #2: Feel good. Then Act asks you to change your mind to get better results. Tools like The Flip and The Ladder can help. Here’s another helpful tool: Tell Yourself a Different Lie. It’s a simple logic puzzle that can seem tricky at first. It works by shaking loose long-held beliefs that no longer serve you. Give it a shot; it works well.

  1. Start with this statement, “You cannot prove that any thought or belief is true.”
  2. Take any thought or belief you have.
  3. Test it: “Can I be 100% certain that my thought is true?” The answer should be “no.”  We can say your thought is a “lie,” of a sort.
  4. Consider that thought’s opposite. You cannot prove it is true either.
  5. And now you have two “lies.” From these two lies, choose to believe the one that more supports you success.

Example: Let’s say you believe you do not have the luck you need to reach a certain goal. You even say, “I know I’m not as lucky as I want to be. History shows it.”

  • See this belief as a “lie” and test it. Can you be 100% certain–even with all that history–that you DO NOT have the luck you need?” No. You can’t be certain.
  • Consider the opposite belief: that you DO have all the luck you need. See this opposite belief as a “lie,” too.
  • Ask yourself, “Which belief–that I have little luck or lots of luck–gets me closer to me goal?”  Right, the latter, if you choose to believe it, will more likely get you closer to your goal.
  • Try, then, believing you are lucky.

What’s the worst that could happen? A bit of disappointment?

It’s totally worth it.


To your continued success,


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