Make the Call about Team Members

We can waste a lot of our leadership energy worrying or complaining about and then trying to fix the flaws in our team members. As we and they dance around our uncertainty, the whole company suffers.

So let’s make the call. Either we believe they can do it and we support them to get there or we believe they can’t and support them to find a better place. And if we aren’t sure, then let’s give ourselves a deadline for making the call.

All will be better off when we make the call.


In your corner,


PS: As you can see, we can make calls like this in line with our values and with full transparency & care. Or we can be jerks about it. Let’s not be jerks.

PPS: Here’s a magic trick you can use especially for people who you think are close but not quite there. Try believing they can do it even if evidence doesn’t yet support the idea. Make this call and watch them bloom.


Today’s photo courtesy of Alexas_Fotos.

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