Comfort Is Overrated

The warning signs at the edges of our comfort zone tell us to stop, go back, stay safe. Our comfort zone will […]

A New Year’s Dialogue

Stuff happens because we act. (Easy.) Different actions cause different stuff to happen. (Also easy.) Our thoughts (which we may notice variously as our […]

Habits That No Longer Work

Many of our habits come from decisions we made as children. These decisions might include being shy or outgoing or being passive […]


Vigilant Buzz Raising

Wherever we continue to struggle with something, we will find a long history of our bad-feeling thinking about that something. This thinking […]

I seek the holy grail

The Holy Grail of Getting It Done

The holy grail of getting it done–no matter what tools or approaches we use–is knowing that whatever we are working on now is […]

I Feel Good

The Real Hard Work

I feel good. – James Brown Learning to feel good–to raise our buzz–is vitally important to becoming more successful. Many complain that feeling good […]