Enough with the Calculus of Fate


When we look to the future, most of us have very little idea about what we actually want.  If pressed, we mention some generic notions like  having more money, more success, more time, better relationships, or staying healthy.

Oddly, we actually resist getting specific. We kick up “yeah, buts”  like, “What if I dream of something specific that doesn’t happen?”, “What if I get what I dream about but it ends up not being as satisfying as I had hoped?”, “I don’t usually get what I want,” and  “Too many things could go wrong; I have to plan for all the options.”

If you don’t know where you’re going, you might not get there. — Yogi Berra

Instead of this calculus of fate and ‘what may be,’ let’s dream. Let’s paint a picture of where we are headed. Looking just beyond our “yeah, buts” we see that  know exactly what we want. We can describe in specific and exciting ways the future that would make our hearts sing. It feels terrific to do so.

And which is more likely to deliver what you want: a specific, exciting, detailed vision of what you want or not that?



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PS: Want to make your exciting vision come true? Don’t jump into action. Start by having your heart singing.


Today’s photo credit: Lettuce. via photopin cc

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