Politics is a Symptom

Where you see politics in your workplace, resist the temptation to blame your co-workers. Yes, there are some people who are naturally very political. They foster power struggles, intrigues, backstabbing, and information/asset hoarding. But most of the politics you see at work are symptoms of larger problems. These problems are

  1. a lack of a clear, commonly understood, and compelling direction,
  2. a lack of win-win relationships throughout the organization based on trust, clarity of roles, and accountability,
  3. a lack of effective habits of execution, and
  4. a lack of leadership habits and tools to create the 1-3 above.

If your organization shows symptoms of politics, which of these 4 areas do you have the most influence over right now? Let’s start there.


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2 thoughts on “Politics is a Symptom

    1. Hi Betsy!

      Ha ha, caught me. 😉 That’s the funny thing about politics. So much wasted energy. It is so petty relative not just to the power to be had. It is dwarfed by the real potential of the organization.


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