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  • The Problem Isn’t Between You and Me…

    The Problem Isn’t Between You and Me…

    …or you and them or us and them. No. The problem is always over there, on the table in front of us. And you and I and we and they are the ones to solve it.   In your corner, Mike PS: We can tell we’ve brought the problem between us because of the ensuing drama. PPS: And […]

  • Suppose We Don’t

    Suppose We Don’t

    Suppose we cut corners? Suppose we feather our nests? Suppose we get while the getting is good? Suppose we compete on price? Suppose we sue? Suppose we press our advantage? Suppose we underpay? Suppose we over promise? Suppose we cut our training and development? Suppose we bait and switch? Suppose we baffle? Suppose we trick…

  • Great Results

    Great Results

    Great results occur when we finally see that our real work is to focus on what we want, feel good about what we want showing up even before it gets here [and not caring how it happens], engaging all who matter in win-win, and taking action based on our inspiration.   In your corner, Mike…

  • Forfiets


    Forfeiting business with people we don’t like or at a cost we can’t afford is no real loss at all.   In your corner, Mike PS: If it’s not win-win, we have to pass. Today’s photo credit: OliviaKitunen Enid A. Haupt Garden via photopin (license)

  • A Huge Payoff

    A Huge Payoff

    If I pressure you to cut your prices, then you won’t have the resources or motivation to deliver what I need. If you push me to accept your opinions or directions, how likely am I to bring all of my mind and heart to helping you now and in the future? If either of us…

  • Swim With  

    Swim With  

    A man I met at a swim meet recently told me something enlightening. Whenever growing swimmers plateau in their performance–unable to go faster in race after race despite the effort–they are fighting the water. Their way of swimming pushes hard against the water and the water always wins. Same for us. As leaders who want…

  • We Have To Call Them On This Stuff

    We Have To Call Them On This Stuff

    Social conventions tell us not to say anything when we witness less-than-effective (or worse!) behaviors such as BS, bad-taste jokes, drama, or poor treatment of others.  We don’t want to add to the problem by kicking up a fuss. But, good leader (with or without title), we have to call them on this stuff. It’s…

  • Give Consequences or Explore Them

    Give Consequences or Explore Them

    We can give consequences so that people don’t screw up. “If you don’t complete this by Friday, we might as well kiss the Fortuna deal goodbye!” Or, “We really need to cut this check now or it’ll delay the project.” Threats like this can work in the short term. But they will damage trust and…

  • What To Do When You’re In The Quick-Fix Trap

    What To Do When You’re In The Quick-Fix Trap

    We can get trapped thinking we need a quick fix. Maybe we want a long-standing problem (e.g. not enough sales) to go away (e.g. by hiring someone to take over sales). Or perhaps we hope our problems will go away when someone discovers, picks, or rescues us. But quick fixes rarely work. They miss what’s…

  • Nucleation 


    Just as a single fleck dropped into a supersaturated solution creates awesome results, it takes just a spark of optimism to turn everyone toward possibility, progress, and profound success. Be that spark, leader.   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: Subash BGK cc