Is your marketing “meh” or magic?


Marketing “meh” is a website or other medium–written mostly in first- or third-person–that describes our value and why we are special. The goal is to “soften” people’s resistance and then, if we are lucky, convince them to buy something from us. Marketing meh is transactional.

Marketing magic is written mostly in second person. It describes what clients value, what they want, and why they are special. The goals are to relate and engage people in multiple, meaningful, win-win conversations over a lifetime, some of which will lead to sales. Marketing magic endures.

Most marketing is meh. To make yours magic, start by understanding what your clients value, what they want, and what makes them special.


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2 thoughts on “Is your marketing “meh” or magic?

  1. Mike, I just spend an hour with 4 co-op students, workshopping cover letter and resume-writing. I coached them that an effective job application focuses on what the hiring manager needs & how the applicant meets those needs; that they need to turn the camera away from themselves and make the job application about the hiring manager and the job that needs to be done. Then I read your blog – and forwarded it to all my students immediately! Thanks for the reinforcement of the message – turns out that focusing on others is relevant all over the place!

    1. Hi Diane,

      Right. Win-win applies everywhere and starts with someone (might as well be us) taking the time to learn what the others need.

      Thank you for making the connection.


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