Growing Your Network

Grow your network

Networking is the best way to find a new job, client, business partner, or vendor of products or services.

“Yeah, but,” you may protest, “I’ve already tapped my network. No one had a job (or client, partner, vendor) for me.”

Tapping your network can work. Someone you know may have exactly what you are looking for (or need what you have) just when you call. Or not. But people in your network know thousands of people you do not yet know. Chances are great that one or more of those thousands of people will be ready for you. And, like you, they would rather work with someone introduced and even recommended through their network.

Instead of tapping your network, see your job as growing your network until it includes the person who will become your next employer, client, partner, or vendor. Start with people in your network. Ask them for their insight about your goal. Then ask them for guidance: “Who do you recommend I speak with next?”


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