Go Ahead, Look Deeper


Why are you doing what you are doing in your work and life?

If we scratch just beneath the surface of our answers to this question, we see something remarkable if not a bit unnerving. Many of our reasons for why we do what we do are imported. We have adopted our answers to the question, “Why?” from our parents, peers, and the public-at-large.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being inspired by or taking our motivation cues from others. It’s when we do so unwittingly or exclusively that we run into trouble.

You see, we each have a mind and heart that knows what’s really meaningful to us. From within come our own passions, talents, desires, and our hopes for the world. If we look just past our inherited reasons why, we will find and embrace these creative, delicious, and fulfilling sources of meaning.


In your corner,


PS: Have no fear to go deeper. Some worry that learning what really makes us tick will mean we have to give up some parts of our lives that we love. Nope. Not these days, anyway; we are long past the time when a life of meaning meant sacrifice. As we look deeper, we will likely see that our families, our friends, our position, our house, car, and other trappings take on even richer meanings. Go ahead and look.

Today’s photo credit: Mark Strozier via photopin cc

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