Quick-Start Your Effectiveness System

There is no one right way to do anything including starting your own Effectiveness System and Habits. You can start wherever you think it best and build up at your own pace.

And if you have not yet established your own Effectiveness System and Habits–or if you have fallen behind in a system you did start–here is one “quick start” way to begin:

  • A List of Outcomes Make a list of all the outcomes (anything you have some level of commitment to complete that will take more than one doable step to finish, see Habit #3) you have on the go. Include whatever you are working on at work and at home.
  • Daily Refreshes (Modified from Habit #5) Each morning, scan that list. Add any new outcomes and remove any completed ones. For each outcome, see if you can identify the very next doable, physical step needed. Then, from all you could do that day, select the Top 5 doable steps that you choose to get done that day. If you get through all 5 that day, do a happy dance! And decide if you would like to do more today or wait until tomorrow.

That’s it: one quick way to start or restart your system and habits. As you gain traction with this method, consider adding the other habits and system elements as needed.


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