Show Me That You Hear Me

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Here’s a great way to drain away the drama that distracts and upsets us at work and in life: demonstrate that we understand their perspective. “This is what I heard you say. Did I get that right?” Then ask that they hear ours. Here’s a great way to prolong the drama: try to outwit, out […]

Useless Tools

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Most of the tools in our leadership toolkits are worthless unless the people on our team want to be led. Most of our influencing tools are pointless until our would-be collaborators agree to be influenced. And we can keep most every sales tool locked away while the people we wish to sell to aren’t ready […]

Getting People Ready to Listen

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Having difficulty getting others to see your point of view? Start by demonstrating that you understand theirs. Having difficulty demonstrating that you understand their point of view? Start by asking them about it. When people know you have understood them, they quite naturally open to understanding you.   In your corner, Mike Today’s photo credit: […]

Helpful or Confusing?

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Other people’s perspectives can either open new possibilities or merely add confusion. Mostly, we get to choose which it will be. And they get to choose how long they will remain engaged and keep contributing.   In your corner, Mike PS: And if we all remain open enough, we can listen more deeply, unearth stuck-but-silly […]

Our Best Start

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In an interview, in a sale, when working with colleagues, or when leading others, we best start by understanding what our counterparts need, want, and desire. Then we can explore with them how our talents, products, services, ideas, and requests serve those needs etc. Our first steps are to ask open-ended questions about what they want and why. Then […]

When They Just Don’t Listen

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Sometimes trying to get others to do the things we know they need to do (because it’s their job or it’s for their own good) can be like beating our heads against a brick wall. We try telling, selling, and yelling but they just don’t listen. They don’t because no one wants to be told […]