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  • Without Much Effort

    Without Much Effort

    Without much effort, we can tune to an endless stream of opinion that things are bad–getting worse–and we’re all on the brink of disaster. Soon we’re swept away, feeling bad, and acting accordingly. Without much effort, we can look around and see none of that is true. In fact, there’s lots to appreciate and feel […]

  • Light Up

    Light Up

    At times like this, it’s good to remember: one of us shining a light helps hundreds, thousands, or millions to step away from the dark. Should we find ourselves or others stuck and focusing on the problem, we know we can always shine the light on our ability to pause and choose to feel good…

  • Tell Us Why

    Tell Us Why

    To fix a long-standing problem in a company, step away from it. Start over-communicating why fixing this problem is so important.  When they understand the why–and when the why is compelling and believable–people are then able to jump in with the solutions we need.   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: diverdewan15 Calling…

  • Why We Should Resist Solving Their Problems

    Why We Should Resist Solving Their Problems

    When people are buzzing low, they will almost always present us with problems and complaints. If we’re not careful, we’ll get drawn into the trap of trying to solve or resolve these for them.  Why is this a trap? Because their low buzz can easily push down our buzz. They feel bad. We react. Then…

  • Where the Really Good Solutions Are Hiding

    Where the Really Good Solutions Are Hiding

    Most of the conflicts we see in the news and in our businesses are silly and wasteful.  Stuck in our positions, we snipe, grouse, and power-struggle. No solutions (especially those belonging to others) are good enough. We can easily lose faith in our ability to make progress. This and all conflict melts away when we…

  • Solutions Simply Emerge

    Solutions Simply Emerge

    Many of the solutions we want and need are only available when we pause, notice, set aside judgment, and wait. Guided by curiosity (“I wonder how it will work out.”) and not at all worried about our ego, the formerly invisible solutions emerge and things get easier. The only hard part is remembering to pause,…

  • We Need New Truth

    We Need New Truth

    Truth is what we say it is. We leaders need this newer definition of truth. The old way is ruining things. Thinking of truth in the traditional way–that is, as an absolute–always gets us into trouble. Old-style truth has us looking for the “right” answer instead of looking for the best answer. It pits people…

  • These Aren’t The Solutions We’re Looking For

    These Aren’t The Solutions We’re Looking For

    The solution that we crave will remain frustratingly hidden until we raise our buzz. When we raise our buzz, the solution comes into view. It will be so simple that we will wonder why we hadn’t seen it before. And if we feel bad while considering, formulating, or enacting any solutions, these aren’t the solutions we’re…

  • Presenting Problems

    Presenting Problems

    Doctors and others in the helping professions know to take presenting problems (“My arm hurts, Doc.”) and presenting solutions (“I need a prescription.”) with a grain of salt. They listen, empathize, then start exploring for the real problem before suggesting any solutions. Good leaders do the same things. We know that the complaints and requests…

  • Accept and Pivot

    Accept and Pivot

    One way of navigating a problem is to say, “If only…” If only that person would change. If only this situation would be different. If only I hadn’t done that. If only I had a fairy godmother to handle this for me. Another way is to say, “Yes. And.” Yes, that happened. And here’s what…