Success Trap


Often, our greatest impediment to success is our past success. We make the mistake of attributing our prior success to some of our most treasured behaviors or assets. We conclude that, to keep succeeding, we must keep using those treasured ways. We think we know what’s right, what’s best.

That would not be a bad conclusion if the nature of our work wasn’t so fluid. Sure, if everything remained the same, we can keep using our tried-and-true tools.

But everything changes. We have different goals, markets, and clients. Technology,  teams, and culture all change.  The tools you have relied on may not work in today’s environment. If you experience any amount of being stuck, chances are very good that you are in this success trap.

Getting out of this trap is simple. We can succeed anew by focusing on the desired results, gathering close people we value, trusting their perspectives, and delegating.


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PS: By the way, we do get to keep using those treasured behaviors and assets. Let’s just stop leading with them, ya?


Today’s photo credit: monteregina via photopin cc


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