Dirt-Simple Way Past Obstacles

Let’s say you want something in your career, business, or life. (Hint: if you are breathing, I guarantee you want something.) Maybe it’s more sales, more respect and influence, more income, or more meaningful work. It could be one of a thousand important things. And let’s say that you see one or more serious–even intractable–obstacles in the way.

Our usual responses in these situations is to fight, push, struggle, ignore, or settle. All are great ways to have the obstacles cement themselves in place.

Try this (deceptively simple) process instead:

  1. Write down what you want. (“I want more respect and influence at work.” Or, “I want more sales.”)
  2. Write down every obstacle you perceive to be between you and what you want. (“I don’t have the authority. I’m not skilled enough at X or Y. The corporate culture values something that I am not.” Or, “The economy stinks. My team doesn’t know how to sell well. Our marketing isn’t working.”)
  3. Flip each obstacle. Turn each into a constructive statement of intent, or an “I will…” statement. (“I will influence and gain respect through the value I bring others vs. the authority I have or do not have.” Or, “My team will become competent, confident, authentic, then masterful salespeople.”)

To the extent that you believe your list of “I will…” statements, celebrate! You’ve defined a list of projects that will help you achieve what you want. Start executing these projects right away.

To the extent that you do not believe your “I will…” statements, work on believing them. You can flip your thinking, do ladders, or tell yourself a different lie until you do believe them. Call me if you’d like some help.

This process works because it a) gets the problem out on paper, and b) shows you how much your thoughts and opinions affect results.


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