Our Illusions of Failure


We thrive when we go within ourselves for direction, validation, insight, and answers. We fail–or at least get stuck on “meh”–when we reach outside ourselves for those things. (This usually means believing that the sources of those things are other people.)

Why do we so often seek outside ourselves? Fear, of course.

We fear what we may find when we look deep enough within us. Maybe we think that nothing will be there: no meaning, no value, no intelligence, no nuthin’. Or maybe we fear that we are, at our core, ugly, weak, stupid, impoverished, isolated, or bad.

I don’t know how we ended up like this. It’s silly, really. Inside you, me, and everyone are good, smarts, strength, abundance, beauty, and love. And whatever else we fear we are is illusion. You don’t even have to trust me on this one. All you need to do is look within.


In your corner,


PS: Look long enough to see past the fear.
PPS: Fun Tip: when we look inside, we see ourselves and recognize each other.
PPPS: Yes, look within. And celebrate the outside world. The outside world is our adventure camp. It is rich with experiences, fun, and the taste of a sun-ripened strawberry.


Today’s photo credit: hisglassworks via photopin cc

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