Who Says?

It will be hard. Who says? It won’t work. Who says? It will be a long shot. Who says? I can’t. I […]

Which Matters More?

Question: Which matters more: strong business results or a good team? Answer: Yes. You see, we can build the team and culture […]

We Get What We Expect

Maybe this sounds silly, trite, or just plain wrong. Yet we see daily reminders of how reality generally matches what we expect. […]

Stubbornly Undone

For anything that remains stubbornly undone, the very last place at need to look for answers is between our ears. Our judgments […]

Between the Ears

What is the gist of the stories we tell ourselves, 24/7? Are they like these…? “That’s just the way it is.” “I/you/they/we/those […]

Welcome to Monday

We can avoid much angst and subsequent poor results (action taken while feeling bad always hampers results) by simply pausing for a […]

The First Law of Emotion

Newton had his Laws of Motion. We have the Laws of Emotion. Our First Law is like his first law: Our Moods Tend […]

Choose the Story

The story we tell drives our results. Tell a story of how rough it is, how terrible they are, how blah blah […]