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  • Who Says?

    Who Says?

    It will be hard. Who says? It won’t work. Who says? It will be a long shot. Who says? I can’t. I don’t know how. I don’t think I can. Who says? It’ll work out. It always does. I don’t know how but I bet it’ll happen soon. I’m kinda lucky that way. Who says? […]

  • Which Matters More?

    Which Matters More?

    Question: Which matters more: strong business results or a good team? Answer: Yes. You see, we can build the team and culture we want while we deliver​ great results.   In your corner, Mike Today’s photo credit: vandinglewop A Fork In The Road via photopin (license)

  • Leading When Beliefs Go Rogue

    Leading When Beliefs Go Rogue

    Labels, judgments, yeah buts, and other beliefs about the way things are can help but often stop helping us. They go rogue. We can tell that a belief has gone rogue on us in two ways. First, we feel bad when we think it. We often attribute the bad feeling to whatever we’re considering. “I…

  • We Get What We Expect

    We Get What We Expect

    Maybe this sounds silly, trite, or just plain wrong. Yet we see daily reminders of how reality generally matches what we expect. A quick look back at our thoughts and beliefs about a subject shows that they match current results. If we agree that we get what we expect, why don’t we simply choose to…

  • Stubbornly Undone

    Stubbornly Undone

    For anything that remains stubbornly undone, the very last place at need to look for answers is between our ears. Our judgments and beliefs hold both wanted and unwanted situations in place with tenacity. So it makes all kind of sense to replace any attention to unwanted (including complaints, judgments, etc.) with high-buzz attention on…

  • Between the Ears

    Between the Ears

    What is the gist of the stories we tell ourselves, 24/7? Are they like these…? “That’s just the way it is.” “I/you/they/we/those things suck.” “It’s their/my fault.” “Life is hard.” “It’s just business.” Or like these…? “This is good.” “I appreciate me/you/them/us/those things.” “I know things will work out well; they always do.” “Life is…

  • Welcome to Monday

    Welcome to Monday

    We can avoid much angst and subsequent poor results (action taken while feeling bad always hampers results) by simply pausing for a walk outside, petting a dog, or taking three deep breaths. Ahh. Welcome to Monday.   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: chrisinplymouth Welcome via photopin (license)

  • The One Thing We Forget About Getting Stuff Done

    The One Thing We Forget About Getting Stuff Done

    We spend much of our energy on getting everything done either by ourselves or through others. But there never seems to be enough time. So we stress and steam and push and plead to get everyone into action and producing. But we regularly leave out one thing that would simplify things and speed the results we…

  • The First Law of Emotion

    The First Law of Emotion

    Newton had his Laws of Motion. We have the Laws of Emotion. Our First Law is like his first law: Our Moods Tend to Keep Going. We can’t help but broadcast our attitudes, have them influence others, and then react to them afresh when others reflect them back to us. So when we are up, we tend…

  • Choose the Story

    Choose the Story

    The story we tell drives our results. Tell a story of how rough it is, how terrible they are, how blah blah blah and our results will match. How could they not? Tell a story of how good it is, how capable they are, how la la la and our results will match our story…