Swayed By Reality

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The sages tell us that the formula for creating any outcome is belief->actions->results. This is a leverage formula. We leverage action into results because we know that taking concerted action generates more results than our default, reactive action. We usually forget the first, more powerful part of the formula. Focused belief generates better actions (and […]


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Just as a single fleck dropped into a supersaturated solution creates awesome results, it takes just a spark of optimism to turn everyone toward possibility, progress, and profound success. Be that spark, leader.   In your corner, Mike   Today’s photo credit: Subash BGK cc

Are You Tapping the Fear or the Spark?

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There is a fear within each of us. Tap it and you’ll get hurried, harried, and short-lived results. Further attempts to mine this source become ever more costly, unpredictable, and ultimately doomed. There is a spark within each of us. Tap it and you’ll get long-lasting, wonderful results. Of course, mining sparks is not a […]

Control Yields Crappy Results

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To get things done consistently well with a team, the correct flow or equation is Trust → Honest Discussion → Real Commitment → True Accountability → Desired Results. If we don’t trust that they will do the work, we will try to get results by demanding, controlling, conniving, or micromanaging. Then the flow will always become Crappy Results ← Excuses […]

You as Superhero

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The start of anything worthwhile is a thought. Nothing happens until someone has a thought like, “Hey, this would be cool.” When you direct your focus to something you want–something that feels good to imagine like a great business result, time with friends, a new possession, or a trip somewhere wonderful–you set in motion everything […]


Tiny Leap of Faith

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Just after any moment that we catch ourselves feeling bad there is a tiny instant of choice. It is so small that we often miss it. In this instant, we get to choose to raise our buzz before acting or to let run our habitual responses to/of fear, uncertainty, doubt, worry, anger, and remorse. Most of […]


Who We Are Yields Concrete Business Results

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We try to define who we are by our roles, titles, duties, traits, accomplishments, and various group memberships. Though these are completely inadequate substitutions, we cling to them and will fight to defend them. Clinging and fighting leads to uncertainty, misery, and politics. They thus waste our time and energy. This form of identity detracts […]

Frustration-Free Results

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Trying to make things happen is a sure source of frustration. When we see something we don’t want, we tend to want to control things until we get what we do want. Yet we cannot control anything other than our own reactions. Unexpectedly, avoiding is another source of frustration. Ignoring or trying to keep away […]


Fools to Think

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We would be fools to think that our vision of how it should happen is the right, only, or best way. You know that, of course. No matter how hard we try, some others will think what we are saying is bunk. This is true partly because it is (we can’t know everything), partly because […]