Don’t Step In

don't step in

Someone who becomes a leader of leaders (say, a manager who becomes a director or a small-business owner who has just hired the business’ first manager) faces a tough hurdle: letting go of the front line. Everything in your being wants to correct, control, coach, or command those people who are doing the front-line, essential work of the organization.

Don’t do it.

Your new job is to create an environment where the leaders you lead can be successful. Stepping in undermines them,  binds you, confuses the team, keeps you from your strategic work, and generally hampers effectiveness and growth.

Yes, set the standards for the leaders and their teams to achieve. Yes, hold them accountable for achieving them. Yes, help the leaders get better at leading. Yes, provide resources and,  in larger organizations,  political “air cover.” Yes, call out when there are mistakes being made. And, no, do not step in. That’s their job.


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