Hire The Expert…?

Who would you rather hire: the expert or the novice? Which we should hire depends on what we mean by “expert.” Often […]

Attitude etc.

Most of us hire employees based on their skills and experience. We believe that these are the best predictors of success. We […]


Cause Their Performance To Soar

Communicating our belief in others’ ability to accomplish something–even if it’s difficult, even if they’ve never done it before–is an essential leadership talent. Such […]



Like a great wine, our talents are wonderful to start and keep getting better. When we are younger, our talents are present, […]


Call Forth

Don’t worry so much about the qualities people lack. One great (as in grand, epic) tool we leaders have is to practice […]

the leader of the sunflowers

Great Managers

Great managers at all levels value and build people, because everyone wins when each person on the team does well, systems, so that […]