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  • There Are No Ideal Leaders

    There Are No Ideal Leaders

    There is no such a thing as an ideal leader. Each of us leads (with or without title) in our own way with our own sets of strengths and things we don’t do so well. The trick is not to become someone we’re not but to rely on the talents of other good souls to […]

  • A Mini Rant About Sales

    A Mini Rant About Sales

    I recently read someone’s description of a salesperson. Salespeople, they said, “have the ability to position a product or service in a way that makes customers want to buy it.” No, no, nope, no. This is not the kind of sales or salespeople any of us wants or needs. Good salespeople (including people who sell…

  • Hire The Expert…?

    Hire The Expert…?

    Who would you rather hire: the expert or the novice? Which we should hire depends on what we mean by “expert.” Often we think we need experts who know how to do the work really well and who can be up to speed quickly. They already know how to make the sale, work the numbers,…

  • Determining How Well Sales People Will Sell

    Determining How Well Sales People Will Sell

    How can we tell whether a sales person will do well? Every sales person has seven sets of assets that determine how well they will sell. These are: Business knowledge: How well do they understand our specific business: who we help, why we help them, how we make revenue and profit, and what are our business goals? Sales…

  • Attitude etc.

    Attitude etc.

    Most of us hire employees based on their skills and experience. We believe that these are the best predictors of success. We filter for them on resumes. We test for them in interviews. And we think we need to find people who will be productive right away. But as the old adage goes, “When we…

  • Cause Their Performance To Soar

    Cause Their Performance To Soar

    Communicating our belief in others’ ability to accomplish something–even if it’s difficult, even if they’ve never done it before–is an essential leadership talent. Such a vote of confidence awakens their talents, increases their engagement, and causes their performance to soar.   In your corner, Mike PS: Part of the trick is not thinking that we are being merely delusional.…

  • Mastery


    Like a great wine, our talents are wonderful to start and keep getting better. When we are younger, our talents are present, useful, and unpolished. Our success comes from applying that talent, learning from wins and losses, and not stopping. The challenge of youth is to learn what our constellation of talents actually are. Over…

  • Your Constellation of Talents

    Your Constellation of Talents

    Sandra from the operations department is superb at strategy. Ken over in accounting is a great salesperson. And Pat in IT is so good at coaching others. We know we can’t be good at everything that others are good at. We may share different talents with some people. But why compare? We each have a unique…

  • Call Forth

    Call Forth

    Don’t worry so much about the qualities people lack. One great (as in grand, epic) tool we leaders have is to practice seeing a desired quality in another even when we haven’t seen it before. They will rise to the heights we call forth from them.   In your corner, Mike PS: You will know…

  • Great Managers

    Great Managers

    Great managers at all levels value and build people, because everyone wins when each person on the team does well, systems, so that we operate as smoothly and effectively as possible, mission, since we need to know where we are going and that where we are going is meaningful and important, and self, because the organization…