Hire The Expert…?

Who would you rather hire: the expert or the novice? Which we should hire depends on what we mean by “expert.”

Often we think we need experts who know how to do the work really well and who can be up to speed quickly. They already know how to make the sale, work the numbers, write the code, design the things, or make the decisions.

But what if someone is expert in leading, following, contributing, collaborating, taking accountability, organizing, coaching, promoting, engaging, problem-solving, and communicating, and caring? What if they are expert at being good people we trust? Most of the time, this is the sort of expert we really need.


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PS: Given the large cost of searching, hiring, on-boarding, and turnover, it’s usually cheaper to hire people who are experts at being good people and train them in any technical skills they may be missing.


Today’s photo credit: Karen Baijens cc

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