When You Avoid Your Task List


We often avoid or even abandon our tasks lists because they get too full. We’ve stuffed them with things we could, should, hafta, or wanna do. And now they sit there, reminders of what we haven’t yet completed. Ugh. No wonder we avoid them.

But that avoiding is costly.

It takes lots of mental and emotional energy to ignore all those to do items, to busy ourselves with the merely urgent, and to fight the feeling that we still aren’t succeeding as we want to here.

There’s a cure, though.

First, remember that we can never get it all done. Ever. There will always be more. Second, remember that our job is not to try to do as much as possible but to choose the best possible, most compelling thing to be doing right now. Third, we can turn our to do lists into not to do lists.


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Today’s photo credit: Rob Warde cc

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