Noble, Essential Politics


While we either relish the fight or roil at the discord, there is an essential value of politics, partisanship, and conflict: we get broader, more robust solutions.  And it works in business, government, science, religion, family, and even romance.

Of course, most politics these days are quite noxious. Yet we can get the positive parts of politics without the poison. The trick is to detach our identities from the arguments. All of the toxic public and private politics we witness come from seeing political outcomes as threats to and judgements of our worth.

Let’s remember that politics can be noble. We recall that our worth can never be threatened and that our opponents are just as valued. We can argue strongly, not take it personally, then share a drink, handshake, and hug right after. In this way, we reap the rewards of stronger solutions and sustained relationships through politics.


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PS: Of course, we also get broader, more robust solutions with win-win. And sometimes we need noble, essential politics to set the groundwork for win-win to subsequently take over.


Today’s photo credit: Thomas Hawk cc

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