Tough Love

Seeing unhelpful behavior from someone on the team, we tend to either avoid or press.

If we tend to avoid, we don’t want the conflict. But then we will keep missing the opportunities to call people on unhelpful behaviors. They will believe we tacitly agree with their approach. The longer we wait, the harder it is to call them on it, and the worse it gets.

If we tend to press, we like to tell it like it is. Usually, they will read anger or at least frustration in us. But this unwittingly causes withdrawals from the relationship bank accounts we have with others. The more we press, the more likely they are to give up on us.

Seeing unhelpful behavior, our job is not to press or avoid. It is to go for tough love.

We just have to remember to do both the tough and the love.


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Today’s photo credit: Erin

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